Will Baby Boomers Change the Meaning of Retirement?

A recent article in the Atlantic.com discusses how many older Americans want and need to keep working and how that will require a major shift in the way the country thinks about the elderly.

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According to the article, “a lot of people don’t want to grow old the way their parents did. The generation of Baby Boomers has drawn criticism—from themselves, among others—for holding overly high expectations for their lives and for pushing too hard to meet them. These are qualities, however, that could serve them nicely as they strive to grow older with some comfort and purpose”, the article states.

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This generation of modern retirees will be challenged with not only filling their time but having enough money to retain solvent past retirement.  They also have the challenge of rethinking the way retirement looks.

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http://soulshineplus.com/help-writing-essays-scholarships/ The question is – do Baby Boomers want to give up their jobs entirely, or shift to part-time or flexible work, as some companies allow?  Read the full article at theatlantic.com >>

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