What is a Modern Retiree?

That is the question I have – for myself – as I try to define the term in this maiden voyage blog.  The term itself (Modern Retiree) sounds like a cheesy TV sitcom – maybe I should trademark it for its potential commercial value?  I must admit, I like Sofia Vergara, even though I’ve never watched her ABC-TV show, or haven’t purchased any of her cable channel infomercial coffee (presumably Colombian).

No – I think it should be something a bit more serious, and hopefully more useful.  So lets go to Google, the modern dictionary of sorts, for a 21st century definition.

  1. DEFINITION OF MODERN: For those of you who (like me) largely slept through high school English, the term ‘Modern’ itself is an adjective – or a noun – depending on how you use it:  a person who advocates or practices a departure from traditional styles or values.
  2. DEFINITION OF RETIREE: Retiree, on the other hand, is simple a noun: click a person who has retired from full-time work.

And thus a basic framework takes form : A click here modern retiree is someone who has retired from fulltime work; someone who practices a departure from traditional styles or values as defined by 20th century retirement. 

Now, I’m sure I can add (and will add) to this basic framework of ‘modern retiree’.  For me, the next logical level to define modern retiree involves essay on world war 1 time and enter money.

TIME AND THE MODERN RETIREE:  Philosophers and Mathematicians have waxed poetically about the DEFINITION OF TIME.  What does Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s search engine have say about time?  http://www.millionaireagentmakersummit.com/huck-finn-essay-help/ the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

MONEY AND THE MODERN RETIREE: To downplay the importance of money in todays America is full-hearty at best, suicidal at worse.  But ‘what’ exactly is money?  Back to Google for a DEFINITION OF MONEY: a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

And now for an extraneous point regarding what it means to be a Modern Retiree, from a personal point-of-view.  click here A modern retiree is an individual who is determined to leave the world a slightly better place upon his/her inevitable departure from this world.

The foundation has been set!  I hope you’ll stop by this site to see where we take this journey of being a http://www.english.iibit.edu.au/?evaluation-report-on-phd-thesis evaluation report on phd thesis modern retiree as the definition continues to grow and evolve.

Charlie, co-founder of modernretiree.com