Walkable Communities for Retirees

http://www.forthelm.com/online-help-with-statistic-homework/ As more and more baby boomers continue to retire, experts believe the demand for walkable neighborhoods will continue to grow.  After years of commuting and driving from point A to point B, many retirees just want to be able to walk or bike to basic services or be able to take public transport to just about anywhere they want to go.  According to a recent study by the George Washington University School of Business, the end of sprawl is in sight as some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas are focusing on building walkable urban developments.

click This trend doesn’t necessarily help retirees looking for affordable, walkable, urban communities as these areas are now demanding higher rental premiums, according to the study, making it unaffordable for many retirees.  This is evident in Walkscore’s latest 2016 list in which New York, with a walkscore of 89, comes in at the top as America’s most walkable city followed by San Francisco which boasts a Walkscore of 86.


Walkscore.com ranks cities on a scale of 0 to 100 with 90–100 being a walker’s paradise, 70–89 as being very walkable,  50–69 as being somewhat walkable, 25–49 as car-dependent where most errands require a car to 0–24 as car-dependent where almost all errands require a car.  In their latest 2016 City & Neighborhood Ranking, Walkscore rates 141 cities in the US, Canada and Australia with a population of 200,000 or greater that have an average Walk Score of 48. In addition to the Walkscore, they also show the transit score and bikescore for each city.

here So how can you find a walkable and affordable community to retire in? You could start by viewing Walkscore’s latest city rankings and detailed information on each neighborhood here or if you have a particular city or town in mind, visit walkscore.com to start your search .  Walk Score is available for any address in the United States, Canada, and Australia. They’ve ranked the largest 3,000 cities and over 10,000 neighborhoods so you can easily find the walkscore, bikescore or transit scores for your city.  Once you locate the city, you can drill down and see the detailed information for each city and search for apartments to rent or houses for sale.