Take a Ballroom Dance Cruise in Retirement

Have you been thinking about taking a cruise in retirement and also love to dance?  Why not consider taking a ballroom dance cruise?  Dances cruises are a great way to go on a cruise and with the ever increasing popularity of ballroom dancing with all ages of the population, more and more cruise ships are beginning to add programs and events that cater to the ballroom dancer, including theme cruises, lessons, dance parties and competitions.


Ballroom Dance CruisesMost ballroom dance cruises however, are organized by private dance companies that offer a series of dance lessons on the days the ship is at sea.  The private dance groups will provide professional dance instructors and experienced Gentlemen hosts for single people without partners.  Most groups offer a variety of lessons that may include Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, West Coast Swing, Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Night Club 2-step and Hustle. In order to participate in the lessons and be part of the ballroom dance cruise, you have to book your cruise with one of the companies offering a ballroom dance cruise as part of their group.

One such company is Sundancercruises.net who is organizing a Western Caribbean dance and golf cruise on February, February 27, 2016.  On this cruise, they’re offering private social dance parties with their own deejay music, mixers and more. They also provide two complimentary dance hosts per sailing for the single ladies! Their workshops are usually scheduled during the days at sea or around port times. On this particular cruise, they are planning at least 12 dance workshops. Tentative classes will be in Waltz, Foxtrot, Argentine Tango, Swing, Rumba, and Cha Cha.

get link Another dance company called Dancers at Sea also offers several different ballroom dance cruises through-out the year at many exotic places such as South America and Scandinavia to name a just a few.  Most of their workshops are held on the days at sea and include the best of traditional ballroom, latin, tango, hustle and swing.

Research Papers Zara Dancing at Sea is another dance company that specializes in production of Ballroom, Latin and Argentine Tango dance cruises, and is a cruise resource for special interest groups, event planners, production companies as well as private individuals.  They boast a dance ambiance that provide lots dance opportunities, dance instruction by the finest dance teachers and gracious hosts for their guest’s dancing pleasure.

Some cruise ships also offer ballroom dance cruises as part of their themed cruise offering.  Holland America has been offering the ‘Dancing with the Stars: At Sea’ Champions Cruises since Sept. 21, 2014 along with complimentary dance lessons with the ship’s dance pros.  You can also swing and sway across the Atlantic on the Crystal Symphony on their Ballroom @ Sea theme cruise which features dance lessons, celebrity instructors and more.

http://www.scientificgroup.com/?help-with-ged-essay-writing For more information about ballroom dance cruises, visit BallroomDancingCruises.com.  This website is resource for anyone interested in taking a ballroom dance cruise, , a latin dance cruise, a ballroom dance vacation or a ballroom dance camp.