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source url retirement newsObama to propose expanding retirement plans – The White House unveiled Tuesday a raft of proposals to make it easier for workers to save for their retirements, in part by pushing businesses and states to make benefits more portable.  President Barack Obama has been trying to overhaul the nation’s retirement savings systems as one of his legacies, and plans to include a number of steps in his 2017 budget, due out Feb. 9. The administration appears to be advancing a vital pocketbook issue during the election year in hopes of pushing it toward congressional approval.  Read full article here >>

here Retirement newsSeniors Vulnerable to Drug Price Spikes  by  Total U.S. spending on prescription drugs by individuals, insurers and governments jumped 13 percent last year – the largest increase since 2001. One in four Americans report having difficulty paying for medications.  Read full article here >> essay writing company kavoosi Retirement newsEmpty-Nesters Aren’t Saving Enough Custom Writings Coupon by Squaredawayblog.bc.eduThe Center for Retirement Research estimates that about half of U.S. workers might not have enough savings to maintain their standard of living after they retire. So, the obvious thing to do after being freed from child-rearing obligations is to put more money into an employer retirement plan. But 401(k) saving increases only modestly after the kids leave home, according a study by the Center comparing empty-nesters with parents whose kids are still living at home.  Read full article here >>

Retirement news Policy Reduces Elderly Women’s Incomes by  Poverty is the scourge of women in old age. This problem was aggravated, according to a new study, when older workers started claiming their Social Security benefits sooner after the earnings test was lifted in 2000 for those who reach the program’s full retirement age. Read full article here >>

Reverse Mortgage News essays written online Americans’ Retirement Saving Improves, But Not Enough by Jason Oliver.  More Americans are saving for retirement today compared to recent years, however, their investments may not be enough to cover basic living expenses when they finally decide to leave the workforce, according to a new study.  The number of people who are likely to afford at least their essential expenses in retirement improved seven percentage points since 2013, from 38% to 45%, according to the latest Fidelity Investments biennial Retirement Savings Assessment. While the increase may appear reassuring, 55% of people are estimated to be at risk of being unprepared to completely cover their most essential living expenses in retirement, such as housing, health care and food.  Read full article here >>
enter Retirement newsFew Put Finances First When Retiring by  Will you retire when you want to, when you have to, or when you can afford it?  This is crucial, because when Americans retire is more important than it’s ever been to our financial well-being in old age. Yet the research indicates this doesn’t carry enough weight in people’s decisions.  This doesn’t make any sense. The typical combined 401(k)/IRA balance is a slim $111,000 for working households between 55 and 64 years old that have a 401(k). And fewer and fewer retirees have defined benefit pensions, which provide reliable income. More than half of us are at risk of experiencing a decline in our standard of living after we retire, estimate economists at the Center for Retirement Research, which supports this blog.  Read full article here >> retirement news


source site Should you rent or buy in retirement by Jody Helmer. The decision of whether to rent or buy in retirement requires careful consideration, says Brent Neiser, a certified financial planner and senior director, strategic programs and alliances for the Denver-based National Endowment for Financial Education. “You have to do your due diligence,” he says.” Read full article here >>